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The Books

Charles is a 7th grader in a quiet Massachusetts suburb, but is plunged into the realm of the supernatural when a portal leading to another dimension appears beneath his house. The mysterious guardian of this portal is testing Charles and his friends for an unknown purpose, and the three children soon find themselves trapped in another dimension at the mercy of two near-omnipotent gods.

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Charles, Simon, and Jordan meet the bizarre group of residents in their new home on the uncharted isle. Yet the three find that their mountain residence is constantly under attack by creatures from the World of Illusion. Just when Charles starts to grow accustomed to living on a strange island populated by dangerous monsters, he finds that he alone can save his new family from annihilation.

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Just as he is settling in to life at the Castle, Charles finds himself thrown into a deadly trap set by Jason and Katherine, the near-omnipotent beings of the World of Illusion. At the same time as the rulers of this pocket universe decide to meddle in Chronesian lives, the Shadow King of the north decides that it is time for him to put in motion a sinister plan against the people of the Castle.

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The two civilizations of the Island are set on a collision course when the people of the northern base contact the Castle and claim that a deadly attack against the Pedisimans has just been carried out by the Shadow King. A fateful meeting between the Chronesians and their rival encampment forces Charles to confront a powerful Islander who shows him that much of what he believes about his past is wrong. As tensions between the two settlements rise, a threat on the Mainland forces Charles and several of his friends to confront demons old and new.

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Even after the defeat of the fearsome Shadow King, all is far from well in the Castle. While Samuel grieves the loss of his Sight, Charles struggles to come to terms with the fact that he has a twin sister, Dawn, that is allied with the hostile Pedisiman Governors. He is glad that the entire length of the Island separates him and his twin, but that is soon to change. When a new plot of Jason and Katherine’s finds Charles, Gina, and Dawn stuck in the World of Illusion, he must learn to cooperate with his sister to get out alive.

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Having run away from the Castle, Charles hopes to find a happy tranquil home waiting for him on the northern half of the Island. Instead, his life in the Pedisiman base blurs the line between friend and enemy like never before. Meanwhile, back at the Castle, Gina and Angie both pay the price for their association with the infamous Maxwell Van Ness, and Angie realizes that she must confront the dark side of the formerly idyllic Chronesian family.

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