Chronesia IV: Now Published

After many revisions, the fourth book in the Chronesia series is now available! I am now more certain that the total number of books in the series will be 8. There are still years of work on Chronesia ahead of me, but it’s nice to have a better grasp of what the overall story arc will be and how it ends. Over the past few books, I have learned much about writing good character motivations and harnessing them to drive a plot. I’m also considering releasing all the books as paperbacks, as I’ve always dreamed of holding a copy of one of my books in my hand. At the halfway point of Chronesia, I am happy with the work so far.

Chronesia III: Under Construction

At the beginning of July, I began work on revising Chronesia III. Although I last revised this volume a few years ago, publishing the first two books in the series made me aware of how much greater the 3rd book could be. I may not make my promised October 2020 release date but the delay is worth it for a much better book. For a first blog post on my website, this one is about insipid as they come, but at least we all have confirmation that this page is working properly.