About the Author

From an early age, I loved reading and writing about science. When I was four years old, I wrote my first story about the stars teaching the moon to twinkle. From there my stories grew longer and more complex until I began to work on the full-length Chronesia novels. As a homeschooled child, I was fortunate to have the time to develop my own interests and work on my novels through high school. However busy I was with classes, violin, swim team, math team, and volunteering at a zoo, there was always time for writing Chronesia.

I love spending time in national parks and forest preserves, and ended up studying environmental science and geography during my time as an undergraduate. I recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Life Sciences Communications, and am now pursuing a PhD in political science.

Beyond writing and academics, I have a lot of hobbies. One is playing my violin, which I’ve been doing from age three (sorry for the brief moment of braggadocio, and I did just say braggadocio). I enjoy reading about science, history, and politics, as well as science fiction and fantasy. The works of Garth Nix and Christopher Paolini, as well as television series such as Star Trek, have inspired me to create worlds that readers (I hope) also enjoy exploring.

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